A Brief Documentation of the Death of Geronda Ephraim Xeropotamou (http://stnektariosmonastery.tumblr.com/)

“Geronda Ephraim Xeropotaminos was born in Volos in 1940, Apostolos George Koutsibos according to the world.

In 1963, he came to the synodia of Elder Ephraim in the Kelli of St. Artemisou in Provata. He was tonsured a monk in 1964. He then followed his Elder to Filotheou Monastery.

In 1971, he was ordained deacon and priest. In 1980 he went to Xeropotamou Monastery. On 3/9/1981, he was elevated as the first abbot of the now cenobitic monastery.

Death found him going to give a speech in Athens on 11.21.1984 outside Schimatari Thebes. A car crash occurred, death was instantaneous. The blood, say witnesses, ran several hours after the death is.” (Monk Moses of Mount Athos, Mega Gerontikon of Virtuous Hagiorites of the 20th Century, Volume II: 1956-1983).

The driver of the automobile was a lay disciple of Elder Ephraim, Ioannis Voutsas. He broke every bone in his body and lay in a coma for a long time afterwards. The doctors said he would never walk again. However, Geronda Ephraim of Arizona did the sign of the cross over him and told him not to worry. He was able to walk afterwards. Less than a decade after this accident, Ioannis went to Filotheou Monastery on Mount Athos to become a monk. Geronda Ephraim tonsured Ioannis a monk and named him Joseph. He was ordained to the priesthood by Metropolitan Anthony of Sisanio and Siatisti. This all within the first few days of his arrival. Fr. Epifanios Theodropoulos, the number one canonologist in Greece at the time, wrote Ioannis/Joseph a letter stating that he had no canonical impediments for ordination (i.e. due to being the driver in the car accident that killed Geronda Ephraim of Xeropotamou, etc.)

Within a couple years, Geronda Ephraim brought Hieromonk Joseph and Fr. Germanos to Canada to establish the St. John the Theologian Monastery in Picton, Ontario. In the spring of 1997, after a few years of persecution by Metropolitan Sotirios of Canada (including questioning the canonicity of Geronda’s ordination), the St. John brotherhood sought refuge at St. Anthony’s Monastery in Florence, AZ.

In January of 1999, the brotherhood relocated to Roscoe, NY, where they established the St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Monastery. Today, the driver of that vehicle, Ioannis Voutsas, is the abbot of St. Nektarios, Geronda Joseph.

Taken from http://stnektariosmonastery.tumblr.com/

Geronda Ephraim in his archimandrite vestments at Xeropotamou Monastery.
Geronda Ephraim in his archimandrite vestments at Xeropotamou Monastery.

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