Chrisanthos Arvanitakis: Hieromonk, Construction Worker, Corporate Agent

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Hieromonk Nektarios (Chrisanthos) Arvanitakis is originally from Toronto, ON. He went to Arizona to become a monk in 1996, with the blessing of his mother, Antonia. His younger brother, Nikos, went down to Arizona in the 2000s to become a monk. Antonia was at one time a spiritual child of Geronda Joseph in Picton, ON, but afterwards switched to Geronda Paisios.

Hieromonk Nektarios (Chrisanthos Arvanitakis), originally from Toronto, Canada. Hieromonk Nektarios (Chrisanthos Arvanitakis), originally from Toronto, Canada.

Fr. Nektarios is listed at:

  • 1797 N. Cochise Stronghold Rd., Cochise, AZ 85606-8650 [Phone # 520-826-3128]
  • 110 N. Cholla, Coolidge, AZ 85128-9035 [No phone #]
  • 4784 N St. Joseph’s Way, Florence, AZ, 85132
  • He also has an unlisted address in Scottsdale, AZ.


Fr. Nektarios is both president and director of the Dormition of the Theotokos Monastery.

Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Cochise Stronghold, 2006 Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery in Cochise Stronghold, 2006

Dormition of the Theotokos Greek Orthodox Monastery, Inc., is an Arizona Non-Profit filed…

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Love Bombing in the Monasteries

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Love bombing is an attempt to influence a person by lavish demonstrations of attention and affection. The phrase can be used in different ways. In the monasteries, love bombing takes on its own unique meaning as will be shown below.
Psychology professor Margaret Singer popularized the concept, becoming closely identified with the love-bombing-as-brainwashing point of view.[1] In her 1996 book, Cults in Our Midst, she described the technique:
As soon as any interest is shown by the recruits, they may be love bombed by the recruiter or other cult members. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the recruit was originally associated with one of the early youth cults, but soon it was taken up by a number of groups as part of their program for luring people in. Love bombing is a coordinated effort, usually under the direction of leadership, that involves long-term members’ flooding recruits and newer…

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Philotheou Monastery’s Battle for the Underground Parking Lot at the Square Mall (Translated from Greek newspaper articles)

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The underground car park in the “Square” shopping mall on King Heraklion 38. The underground car park in the “Square” shopping mall on King Heraklion 38.

NOTE: The abbot of Filotheou, Geronda Nikodemos, is a spiritual child of Geronda Ephraim in Arizona, and still under obedience to him. Technically, the role of an abbot or abbess in Geronda Ephraim’s family is one of “ambassador.” Though they run the monastery, it still belongs to Geronda Ephraim and is under his direction, since the abbots and abbesses are under obedience to him. Geronda Ephraim has the final say in all things and he can override his abbots and abbesses in anything. As a rule, any big project or undertaking usually needs a blessing first. Or, if the abbot or abbess has free reign in certain areas and don’t need to ask permission, by right they would still ask Geronda Ephraim to bless the project to go smoothly. Thus, an undertaking like this business deal would…

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The Marble-King John (Theologoumena of Geronda Ephraim)

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Elder Ephraim says that when the Greeks take back Constantinople, 33 years of prosperity will pass and then full apostasy will start and the Antichrist will rule.

Elder Ephraim reveals that it is not yet the epoch of the Antichrist’s government and that there are still prophecies that have not happened, such as the 33 year reign of the sleeping marble King, John, after the 3rd world war and the capture of Constantinople.

Geronda Ephraim of Arizona. Geronda Ephraim of Arizona.

Elder Ephraim speaks about this event on various cassettes:
“There is a sleeper General named John who the Archangel Michael will then indicate to Christians that he will reign now. He will indicate the place to them with his finger and they will call him to lead and reign over the Greek Orthodox people. And this will happen!
“Years ago there was an [Old Calendarist] Archpriest named Hierotheos on Mount Athos. He came…

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